Who are ‘Ordinary People?’

The idea to give our 2020 Creative Writing competition the theme of ‘Ordinary People’ came about because the Swoop Team is made up of Ordinary People. We set up Swoop Books Ltd with the vision of getting Ordinary People to unlock their creativity.  It seems we have succeeded and found out two things in the process. Firstly, our writers over two hundred of them are far from Ordinary in fact they should each be described as extra-ordinary. The Swoop Team wants to thank them for allowing us to glimpse into the world of Ordinary People from so many perspectives. This overwhelming experience caused us to think deeper, consider our own actions and find opportunities to bring hope. Congratulations writers on having the grit, determination, and talent it takes to get those ideas on paper.  We have loved every minute.

Secondly, after reading so many wonderful entries we are left with the question. Who are Ordinary People? The only way we could really answer this would be to publish all the stories in a huge compendium. Where there might be love to loss, cheating to redemption, dark to light, laughter to tears endless tales of food and frolics, death, heartache, abuse, and murder yet we still don’t believe we would have the answer. Instead, we have had the difficult task of selecting just a few.   

It is so exciting that our first anthology is soon to be in print and available for purchase here at www.swoopbooks.com. For us, it is like Christmas come early, but we won’t spoil the surprise by telling you all about the stories. Instead, we can offer you only a sneaky peak at the titles selected look upon them as boxed up gifts with only the title as a clue to what is within. Keep a lookout for our Spring Launch or subscribe to keep up to date on the exciting things that Swoop Books is doing.

1st Prize winner – Drowning in Droves

2nd Prize winner – Shanice

3rd Prize winner – Wine, Beans and Two Smoking Barrels

A 1000 Tiny Pieces


Emergency Locksmith

Libby’s Reflections


Tempting Fate

A Greek Carol


Faces of Tragedy

For all the Birthdays

Game of Chance

I Should Be Grateful

I’ll be there

Mir-an-Dah’s Café

Sausage Rolls and a Side of Sass

Take Me Instead

What Will Survive Us

Tea For Two

Sometimes Snowflakes Shimmer

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