Top ten writing tips for creating a short story

We’ve compiled a list of writing tips to help you get started when creating your own short story. These tips could help you beat that writers block or just give you the motivation you need to put pen to paper.

1. Be committed. Make some time to just sit and write. This can be with pen and paper or typing, either way just get on with it.

2. Set aside the time. Lockdown was great for this, but now people are back at work and life is busy. Plan writing into your day. Take an hour when the kids have gone to bed. Take your note-pad to work to write in your lunch hour.

3. Have a target. This could be 500 words a day. or the whole thing finished by next Tuesday. Whatever works for you.

4. Write don’t read. It’s good to get ideas and inspiration from other stories but try to focus on your own story for a while. This way the story is yours. Otherwise, you might find that your plots and characters can mirror what we have been reading. That’s because our brains always take the easy option, or is that just me?

5. Write don’t edit. Well not straight away anyway. Get the story finished then edit. That way you are more likely to produce a reasonably good first draft.

6. Write something you would like to read. If you are interested in the subject, plot or character type, it will be easier and more enjoyable than something you are not interested in. It’s simple really. If you like romance, write about that.

7. Critical friends. When you are ready, let people read your story who will give honest feedback. You want them to like/love the story because it is good, not because they like/love you. Other people might not be so kind!

8. Don’t have boundaries. When you write, let nothing be off limits, if that gets you writing. You can edit, tone down, even completely change it later.

9. Have a note-pad handy. During the day, in the middle of the night, ideas come and life gets in the way of working on them there and then. Make a quick note as soon as you can and use these ideas later on.

Sitting Comfortably

10. Sit comfortably. You will soon tire of writing with a pain in your neck. Make sure you have a comfortable space to work in. Now that might be at the kitchen table, but even then make sure you have adequate lumbar support for your back. Your favourite cushion maybe!. Make sure you have good lighting.

We hope you find these tips helpful, please share your own tips in the comments below.

Happy writing from Swoop Books.

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