Smoke Signal

Andrew has used the Covid crisis to start creative writing. Zoom courses have allowed him to discover a modest skill. His Short Story ‘Tea for Two’ about international espionage and tea will feature in Swoop Books Anthology. His short story ‘Mr Big’ about a slow bank robbery achieved Highly Commended in Writers’ Forum Magazine Nov 2020 Flash Fiction Competition.

Andrew F

Sometimes you walk past that one special person when you’re too busy looking for them. 

Josh’s hand swept his unruly hair back from his forehead, he pulled the collar of his leather jacket tighter against the chill river wind, as the Brooklyn ferry plied its lonely trade across the East River. 

He gazed at the Manhattan skyline, all blue glass and steel which promised so much. 

He didn’t see her approach the rail, didn’t see the wind buffeting her hair into curly ribbons. 

They were silent. Still together at the rail for a long moment, feeling the wind of change sweeping across their faces. 

He turned first, sensing her. 

Her deep brown eyes looked up innocently from her wheelchair. Her smile when it broke, was like a ray of pure sunlight piercing the grey clouds …and the world skipped a beat. 

Josh remembers that day, as he stands alone at the rail again on the same ferry and unscrews her little jar. He watches as the grey powder lazily drifts into the wind like a smoke signal.

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