Book Publishing

Swoop Books is all about seeing good creative writing published. There...

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Creative writing is what Swoop Books is all about. Our aim is to encourage you...

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Educational Resources

Swoop Books encourages academic writers to use their...

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Getting you published

Swoop Books is all about seeing good creative writing published. There are lots of ways to get published and we want to support you however we can. We are newly formed independent publisher, keen to get small market literary projects off the ground and to work passionately on larger scale ambitious pieces of work. Whatever the publication with Swoop Books you will be supported professionally by people who are passionate and committed to publishing your work. 


Critical Friend Service

We work alongside you to make your manuscript the best it can be.

Have you written a draft novel, novella, or short story? Wondering what to do next? Swoop Books offers a critic reading services which might just help. This confidential service offers a full read through of your work and provides a written informed critic, pointers, and feedback.



Book Cover Design

People see it before they read it. Your book cover matters. It needs both inspiration and a professional finish to showcase your work. At Swoop Books we design bespoke covers which will really help your book stand out.


Production & Marketing

We work with an award winning, design and print agency to produce hard copy books and e-books.

We will work with you to design and implement a marketing campaign to maximise sales of your book.


All our services include

Professional and Personal Service

Dedication to designing what you need

Commitment and Communication 

Real people who care

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